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Jake’s program was a tremendous success for my teams. It exceeded my expectations and boosted my business performance. It also improved the morale and confidence of my participants, who are my top talent and account for 30% of my revenue. They have been to many trainings before, but they found Jake’s program to be unique and invaluable. They appreciated how he tailored the program to their specific needs and goals. This is what sets him apart!

Regional Managing Director Merill Lynch

Jake is more than a partner, he is a visionary. He has built a stellar team that has helped us shape and execute our talent management strategy. He has also communicated our story with passion and clarity, both inside and outside our organization. Jake sets the standard for what an excellent advisor should be: a talented leader who delivers outstanding results. We can’t imagine a world without Jake!

CHRO Hologic

Jake is hard-working, diligent, and easy to work with.

COO & Senior Portfolio Manager, Citi

Jake is a hardworking, intelligent and reliable. His work was always very insightful and he is able to find creative solutions to difficult problems. Jake is a natural leader and is well respected. During our time in New Delhi, I was always impressed with his cultural awareness and his ability to get along with everyone he meets.

President, Kiffik Biomedical

Jake's dedication to learning the core issue was helpful as we worked through projects. He has a great blend of leadership, quantitative and qualitative skills.

Senior Vice President at Blackstone

Jake has a natural ability to lead people from diverse backgrounds which has served as a key asset in helping our group achieve its goals. Jake is easy to work with, easy to approach, and is a great teacher. He will make an invaluable asset to any organization.

Vice President Capital Markets, Wells Fargo

Jake's leadership skills and high levels of motivation are two of his many qualities. During our time together it became evident that Jake was an exceptional thinker and a great team leader. On many occasions Jake’s ability to analytically determine a success path for the team allowed us to finish our projects on time with great success. He is always prepared and believes in always performing every task with the highest levels of quality.

Global Energy Practice Lead, Chief Nuclear Officer, Cohesive

Jake brings deep listening, understanding the unique challenges we face. It's not one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf for Jake. Instead he brings systemic, holistic insights and solutions that we wouldn't have otherwise seen.


Through Jake’s work, our team has become fully aligned and able to support each other in the work we are each doing. Jake’s work was exactly what our team needed! I left the session feeling that we had a very unified team with a clear vision and a toolbox of ways to work with each other and the executive team. I have noted a definite improvement in interactions since the session. Well worth the investment and time

VP – TurnStone Biologics

Our successful work with Jake shines through every one of our meetings now - a great impact on consistency, collaboration in the team resulting in synergy. We keep that momentum going with regular tune ups and feedback from his coaching. Jake does a great job drawing out what we all knew was among the team - a sense of trust and collegiality - but that we hadn't fully realized yet. Our teamwork was apparent and appreciated by our stakeholders, setting a strong tone for the future.

Senior Director - Bristol Myers Squibb

Worth every penny.

Managing Director, State Street

Hi, I’m Jake,

My mission is to build great workplaces.
I help leaders who have new responsibilities, new teams, or increased performance pressures. My skill lies in strengths-based team alignment and the execution of culture-transforming talent strategies that scale trust and results.

I have found I’m especially valuable to leaders who take on new roles, pressures, or expectations.

  • I help leaders uncover hidden value in themselves, their teams, and their organizations.
  • I help leaders consistently deliver organizational results faster.
  • I help leaders grow their reputation, influence, and impact at scale.