Customer-Centric Culture Change


New CEO inherited an organization with industry-lagging 3-5% top line growth.


The new CEO was expected to show 3x growth rate within three years.


Diagnose: Assessed the clarity and consistency of purpose, vision, and brand within the organization. Diagnosed the organization’s understanding and ability to deliver on the customer need. Identified the different services customers were using in addition to his own to meet their needs. 

Measure: Adjusted what we tracked as KPIs to meet the full customer need. Implemented a voice of customer measure and adjusted pay and rewards based on customer outcomes.

Change: Workshopped alignment on the leadership team to the new brand attributed. Successfully worked with the board to establish a new strategy focused on customer needs and expanding the addressable market accordingly. Restructured around customer need instead of product, refreshed and built alignment to the company’s purpose, values, and vision based on a holistic solution to the customer’s need. Reprioritized initiatives and investments based on the new segmentation. 


After a single year the organization’s growth rate hit and maintained 3x with record profits, securing the CEO an attractive retention package and engaging the organization in a winning strategy.