Top Line Growth + Employee Engagement Increased


A new CEO inherited a healthcare technology company that had been unprofitable for eight straight quarters with shareholder activists threatening to breakup the company.


Profitability had to be shown within six months. The objective was to install a commercial mindset and business rigor into the company’s purpose-driven mission.


Diagnose: Identified bright spots of success to replicate. Defined current and aspirational employee experience to build change plans. Discovered culture drivers – leadership behaviors and organizational characteristics that motivate, engage, and retain the best talent.

Measure: Instituted a management effectiveness measurement based on the diagnosed culture drivers.

Change: Trained managers on strengths-based performance coaching. Updated the onboarding and promotion process to focus and filter the right managerial talent. Instituted a Quarterly Business Review process modeled from the CEO down as a priority organizational ritual that included financial and people metrics predictive of business outcomes.


Exceeded revenue targets with 160% stock growth in five years with 3x employee engagement.