M&A Value Creation


New acquisition made by an organization with a history of not generating expected value creation.


Cultural clashes inhibited alignment in go-to-market strategies. No proven approach or measurement of effective culture integration.


Diagnose: Assessed organizational, functional, and geographical strengths and weaknesses of each culture – the acquirer and acquired. Identified shared cultural attributes while celebrating unique differences across cultures.

Measure: Defined what each organization and leadership team needed to get the best of each other, to accelerate trust and value. Established a shared culture metric.

Change: Engaged in leadership workshops to share their respective stories and make commitments on how teams will get the best of each other. Coached leaders on understanding inherited cultures, how to meet others where they are, and strategies to engage others in communication based on cultural differences.


The acquired company employee engagement went from bottom third to top quartile within one year and contributed 25% more profits than planned.