Keynote Speaking + Masterclasses

Virtual and In-person

Jake Herway is an accomplished culture and business advisor with a diverse background, from Brussels to Wall Street, equipping him with a unique global perspective.

His career, rooted in embracing diversity and fostering human connections, flourished at Gallup, where he combined the power of data, science, and behavior to facilitate positive change.

Jake’s method centers around a Culture to Customer™ framework to establish clear, consistent identities for leaders, teams, and organizations.

His initiatives deliver tangible, measurable results. He has helped leaders significantly increase customer and employee retention by implementing strategic culture initiatives.

Jake’s passion extends beyond the boardroom into his love for cycling, where he creates memorable experiences through his bike touring company and he would love to join you on a bike ride.

Jake is committed to remaining at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring the delivery of transformative results for clients like J&J, Roche, Accenture, Blackrock, Merrill Lynch, MARS INC. Jake Herway is your partner for success.